8th June 2016 - Moving the bridge

On the 8th June 2016 at 17.00hrs, the Shere Bridge Restoration team met with a JCB telehandler, driver named Byron, Christian with his high res jacket and hard hart. Maggie, Mo, Phil, Tristan, Tim and Andy were on hand to help and encourage as the historical footbridge was moved from its resting place of six years - see above photo, May 2016. (The bridge was removed from Upper Street on Tuesday 19th October 2010), resting here until 8th June 2016.

At the time of removal in 2010 a spokesman for Guildford Borough Council said: "The bridge is not listed, but it is an important feature within Shere Conservation Area. Conservation Area Consent for the wholesale removal of such a structure would normally be required, but its removal has been agreed for public safety".


Photo journey: 17:00 - 08/06/2016

The move started at 17:00 and was completed at 19.30.

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17:55 18.00 18.05
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19.05 19.10 19:12
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19:30 19:35 19:40
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19.55 20:00 TIME

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Friday 10th June 2016

The on-line Surrey Advertiser reports:

Plans to restore historic Shere bridge stalled after year-long campaign.

Residents of Shere came together last year with the aim of restoring the village’s 105-year-old bridge but the project has stalled.

Shere villagers are working to restore an iconic bridge

A fragile iconic bridge which a group of villagers are on a mission to restore has been moved to a temporary resting place.

Residents got together last year in Shere in an attempted to refurbish the wooden bridge which was erected in 1911 in the village.

It spanned Upper Street from the A25 and replaced an earlier structure, but was dismantled in 2010 after it was deemed to be unsafe.

The group is attempting to reinstate the bridge through the Shere Bridge Restoration project with the parts that have survived, which includes the centre span which has the date carved on it.

“We have been endeavouring to reinstate the old bridge over Upper Street for the past several months,” a spokesman for the project said.

“However, due to various difficulties, we are unable to do this in the short term.

“An action plan has been created to prevent further deterioration of the old bridge and to help raise funds for the renovation and storage of the framework until a final resting place can be found.”

The bridge was moved on Wednesday (June 8) ahead of the village’s street party on June 12 and the Shere open gardens event on June 26.

At the end of the month, repairs to the framework will be made, then it will be dismantled, boxed up and stored.

“It was touch and go as the fragile framework took its precarious journey to its temporary resting place, a few hundred yards, taking two hours and 30 minutes,” the spokesman said after the operation was completed.

“All thanks to Byron whose magnificent driving expertise and Christian’s cool head made it possible.”

To help with the project, an illustrated book was created to raise awareness of the group’s aim, and featured a fairy-tale for children about a group of animals who help save the bridge

‘Please Save the Bridge’ is available to buy in Shere shops, and will be available at the street party and open garden events.

Visit the website to read the story


Tuesday 21st June 2016

The on-line Surrey Advertiser reports:

Watch villagers' fragile operation to move iconic bridge in shere.

A project was set up last year to help refurbish teh wooden structure which was first erected in 1911 - visit the website to read the full story